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More music from the So-Called Others

A few more tracks from the forthcoming So-Called Others album. We’re just waiting for the final mixes on three more songs, and we’ll hopefully have the album pressed and available by June!








I’ve been busy!

Sorry for the long absence of posts. Over the last few years, i’ve been busy with several bands- Mother Noose is once again going. I’m actually playing bass in a band again with the group Roxtar. Finally, I have a new horror punk / psychobilly group, The So-Called Others. Here, check it out:
From here on out, since I don’t have much time for solo stuff anymore, i’ll be using this page as an archive for old projects i’ve had, and a hub for everything i’m currently working on.

Fuck off and die.

Life has taken a turn for the worst.

These sort of things usually mean new music for Lyd…

perhaps there will be some new stuff as soon as:

A. Eva moves out.

B. I get my computer up and running again.  Anyone have a monitor they don’t need?

C. Mike and Chad move in, and I get some new drum loops to work with.

Until then, fuck off.

Mother Noose live at the Back Bar

with A Tortured Soul and Urn.

Need directions?  Hit


What’s going on:

Well, no progress on Lyd.  Eva and I are pretty well settled in the house, but I still have to hook up my computer… and somehow turn a 24 hour day into a 36 hour one :)

I HAVE been busy with music however- The Mountain Lions are busy as usual, and Mother Noose [despite massive lineup changes] will fly again.  Check out or

Anyhow, keep checking back here, I’ll keep ya posted on whats goin’ on!

New Music

2 songs added-

One brand new (Recovery Process) and another that was previously only available onthe c.m. dencker myspace page

(Find A Way (Here, Waiting))

So who wants to see a hardcopy version of Lyd?

Well, Que got me to thinking about actually formally releasing Lyd on CD.  Would anyone be interested in it?  If so, please leave a comment here, or on the Lyd myspace page-

Vous Sauvez finished and available for download.


Vous Sauvez

My “I Will Survive” song, but with my usual sense of self depreciation, rage, distortion, just a hint of chromaticism, suicidal / homicidal urges, and noise.

A thought-  I hope their comes a day when it pains you as much to listen to these songs as it pains me to write them.

“Without You” available for download

Just finished a new song “Without You”.  I was sitting around listening to “November Rain” by Guns N Roses, trying to staple together the pieces of my broken heart.  Here’s 7 minutes of that.



New song

Here you go.  Another new one “Inferiority Complex Revisited”.  Key changes, chromaticism, 7/8 and 5/4 time sig.s, brainwave synchronization at a Gamma level, and the usual distortion.


Inferiority Complex Revisited