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The Lyd Project

Welcome to the music of c.m.dencker.  This page is home to the Lyd project, an album(s) of esperimental noise, sonic disintegration, microtnal music, and fractal genearted music.

This page will also be home to other music i have composed, inlcuding [but certainly not limited to] the Operetta I composed a few years back, and some of the soundtrack work I’ve generated.  The tracks from Lyd are available for free download however, bare in mind that c.m.dencker holds the copyright to all music on this site, and while distribution is encouraged 1.) give credit where credit is do, and  2.) I don’t charge for my music, so you can’t either- that means, don’t try and distribute Lyd for money.

The songs are avilable on the Lyd page, use the navigation column to your left.

Completely new site layout

So Dencker’s site has been more or less dormant since July of 2004– not because Dencker hasn’t been composing more music, but because I haven’t added anything new to his site. Well, this is my attempt to correcting that.

The new site is layout out using WordPress, which should allow Chris to make his own updates so he can bring you his works as he creates them. I’m going to try to move all the content of the original site into this new layout, but for now, the site is functional.

Hope you like the site!

Andrew Que

Added 5 more tracks from the ‘Lyd’ album.

Chris continues work on Lyd, and 5 more tracks are now ready.

More music from the ‘Lyd’ album completed.

Chris adds 3 new tracks on the his industrial/experimental noise project entitled ‘Lyd’, with more works in the process.

New music and photo gallery added

    Chris mixes down some of this most recent works, including Movements 5 and 6 from his operetta.  Also included is a MIDI version of Friendly Fire from Chris’s former band Malicious Mischief and some unfinished riffs from his operetta.

Some updated pictures of Chris added

Some more recent pictures of Chris were added to the site.

Four movements of Chris’s opera complete.

Four movements of Chris’s opera complete.

Eight new tracks added

Eight new tracks added.

New remix of Track 4.

New remix of Track 4.

Chris Dencker’s site goes online

Chris Dencker’s site goes online