Lyd project

Lyd is an extension of my solo project, the bulk of which can be heard here at “Lyd” translates roughly into “noise” from Norwegian. Lyd is a story without words. 2 friends, who’s lives are torn apart by war, their trials as POW’s and one’s trial for treason, and there attempts at communication across lightyears of void. The second half of Lyd focuses on a bittersweet reunion, with the heroine realizing that trials and tribulations have forever changed our hero. The songs reflect his sense of hopelessness, rage, and sense of abandonment, and her inability to deal with this changed man.

(from c.m.dencker’s myspace profile)

Sounds Like Ambient Industrial-Electronica. More than one person has told me that listening to “Lyd” is like a soundtrack to a seizure. Dark noise. The beat of a drum ablaze. Droplets of piano and strings perverted from a whisper to a scream.
Band Members C.M. Dencker- Keys, Programming, Drum Machines, Guitars, Sampling, Editing, Distortion, Noise.

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