Who is C.M.Dencker
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Chris writes a variety of music, from upbeat rockabilly to his own unique style of dark metal. His creation of classical pieces merge his dark melodies with orchestral instruments for a sound that is all his own. His most recent solo project is called Lyd (which translates to “Noise” from Norwegian) a project in which Chris explores distortion, noise, sonic disintegration, fractal generated music, alternate tonalities, non-western scales, and microtonality. With this website, we hope to share some of Chris’s creations with the rest of the world.

Chris Dencker himself

Chris Dencker, currently 32, has been playing guitar for over 18 years. He covers a wide range of genres including metal, classical, punk, reggae, funk, jazz, blues and rockabilly.
He has taken inspiratioin from musicians such as Iron Maiden, Strapping Young Lad, Pachabel, Bouncing Souls, Johnny Cash, old skool Bad Religion and Jimmi Hendrix.
Chris has played in several bands over the years. He was in and out of bands for most of high school.

Chris is currently working with the group Mother Noose, who have opened for Dope, Superjoint Ritual, Brides of Destruction, Bobaflex, and Agent Zero.

Chris is also a member of Roxtar, playing bass and singing a little bit. They play every Thursday at the Back Bar in Janesville, WI. They play uptempo rock, a little punkish, a little metal. They currently have one album under their belts, and a variety of covers.

Chris recently started a new project, The So-Called Others, playing guitar and singing on a mix of punk, rockabilly, and copious horror movie references.

Chris was a member of Mountain Lions International, a Reggae / African / Ska /Punk group he joined in 2003.

C.M. Dencker